Dadaab refugee camp. Fatouma, Abdia and Zahara are still here, waiting for the future to arrive.
(From an upcoming virtual reality documentary)
Kenya // 2018 // FRC, FORMIN




Anowara Begum's baby was born in the Red Cross Field Hospital in Cox's Bazar. The baby was born two months prematurely, weighed only 1475 grams, but thanks to good care, survived.
Bangladesh // 2018 // FRC


Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh, a home of approximately a million of people who fled violence in Myanmar.
Bangladesh // 2018 // FRC



She has seen life for hundred years. In her arms she holds a picture of herself from the time when WW2 had just ended.
(Ukrainian Red Cross Society celebrating their 100th anniversary. -> www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-m...)
Ukraine // 2017 // URCS






Street view from the centre of Ceuta. El Principe feels here like another world, though it locates just around the corner.


Isma picking laundry on the roof of his parents' house. She grew up in El Principe but later moved to Morocco. Isma and her brother Kamal have both been acting as local leaders of the neighborhood, but are frustrated as they don't really see any positive change happening. From their point of view the city leaders are not caring about the wellbeing of the residents of El Principe.

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Hassan telling a story of how police broke the door when they made a raid into his home and arrested him.

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Polices Daniel, Amin and Angel preparing to leave for their daily walk around the neighborhood. El Principe has its own small police unit, but they are seen more like social workers and are present only in the daytime. Whenever there happens some incident in the neighborhood, the group really can't do anything but wait their colleagues from the city centre to arrive. The centre is only ten minutes drive away, but it can take even up to an hour for the special geared forces to arrive to the scene. Ambulances need also be accompanied by police and the great delays are likely to cause problems for the patients.

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Taxi driver Yunes shows a picture of a young man called El Mape, who was shot to death in El Principe on the previous day. He knew the man by himself.

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Many African migrants, who seek to get to Europe, are trying to get to Ceuta via Morocco in order to avoid crossing the sea or minimizing the length of the passage. Some of those who make it, like these young men, end up to the Ceuta's overbooked reception centre. Some end up living paperless in El Principe.

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Close to the border, on Moroccan side, paperless immigrants are living in the forests and waiting for the right moment to try to climb over the border fence to Ceuta. Many of them are living in a limbo of trying again and again without succeeding, and therefore they end up living and hiding for years in Morocco. A human right activist called Reduan drives once in a while from Ceuta to Morocco to deliver food for the people who are living in the forests and waiting for the better future to arrive.

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Rabiaa and Hassan need to carry their daughter's strollers a long way from their home until they reach a paved road.

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Hassan feeding the upcoming lunch of his family at his home in the edge of El Principe neighborhood. Hassan and her wife are both unemployed, and to not be so dependent on the money they don't have, the couple are trying to grow their food by themselves. Besides the chicken they have a tiny garden.

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Leila having a nap on his father's bed. The family's home is very small and in order to have more space for their child they are planning to extend it. The extension (one small room) is estimated to cost around 1,000 euros and the family does not know from where they could get that big amount.

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Rabiaa and Hassan taking turns performing afternoon prayers. Rabiaa has already done her and is doing some household work while waiting her husband to finish. Despite the unstable situation of their home neighborhood, they try to keep up living as normal everyday life as they can, securing the wellbeing of their daughter.

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View from Hassan's garden. The border crossing to Morocco can be seen next to the sea shore.

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